Psychedelic Astronaut is a website where I showcase some of my artwork along with hosting information regarding psychedelics or related subjects.

If your new to the psychedelic world be sure to check out the directory. It will be constantly updated with people doing work in the psychedelic scene and I may feature an upcoming artist’s section for unknown artists to get some attention for new fans.

This site is more new age and for people to discover other people that they might of not had heard of. While there are the usual psychedelic bands of the 60’s and much more, I prefer to put up more about who’s around now so you can go out and support them.

Remember not everything has to be trippy or psychedelic to enjoy & this entire website is a mix of everything I enjoy.

As of now I no longer really consider myself an artist so I am dedicating alot of time to showcase and get other people’s work known alongside other stuff I have planned in mind for the site. Most of the posts on the site will just be my opinions,reviews or stuff I find online that I enjoy and may not always be psychedelic related. I am also in the habit of trying to help people with their problems so there may be articles related to helping peoples well being.

As time goes on I do hope to start adding more artwork of mine to the site and I have links in the Support section in case you do like some of the art I’ve done. Be sure to check out my youtube channel as well as I do like to make trippy videos for people to enjoy. So if there may be stuff or people you know missing from the website you can always contact me or just give me time as I update this site constantly.

Most of all I am just trying to have fun with this website as it help’s me with my depression and hope it pushes me to create cool art once again.