Northeast Psychedelic Spot – COSM

For those of you that don’t know, there is a psychedelic community up in the North East located in Wappinger Falls, NY. It belongs to famous psychedelic artists Alex and Allyson Grey. They have a ton of workshops, meetups, shows and so much more to explore. They range from yoga all the way to full blown week courses on how to paint.

I highly suggest any of you in the North East to go on the website and check out the calendar and see all the types of events and classes that are coming up in the future. They do get some really talented and famous people for some of these events.  Expect names like Rick Doblin, Chris Dyer, Dennis McKenna, Graham Hancock and many more to drop by and have events.

Alex and Allyson Grey are very approachable and love to talk to everyone that comes up to greet them. More info on both artists can be found at these links:

Alex Grey links

Allyson Grey links

COSM usually has 1-2 shows each month on Saturdays that go a bit past midnight. Sadly attendance has seemed to drop over the years and while I do not know the reason why I can only assume that they really do not add much variety to the events. If it is one thing I’d have to put as a negative it would be alot of the times it’s the same thing over and over again. It would be nice to do more variety.

It is a blast to see the live paintings at some of the COSM events since seeing the artist working and their work in real life can be mind blowing. The quality of work seen at some of these events just has me astonished. The Mushroom Cafe where you can find stuff to eat ( I love the brownies they serve! And no they aren’t magic ones) is just covered with cool artwork everywhere.

Next month CloudChord is going to be there teaching and performing.

With the building of Entheon I hope in the future the community gets bigger. I find it to be a much better and relaxing place than something like bars to go to.

More info can be found at their site at: