Avicii aka Tim Bergling was a pretty famous DJ that most of you probably either are fans of or have heard of.

While I never knew him, I’ve read quit a bit about him and his problems. Alot of what I came to read reminds me of many people I’ve talked to, those who have tried medication, therapy, and even as a last resort psychedelics like Avicii did last year. Introverted people like Avicii can have alot of problems saying no to certain people or just standing up for themselves.

I’d like to take a minute to help out some of you that may be going through alot of anxiety, depression, low self esteem and maybe don’t know what to do or what direction to take. Over the years this is what I’ve learned from my own experiences and your’s may differ, this is just what I’ve learned.

#1 – Just because your nice it doesn’t mean your going to be treated well or attract the best people you can. It’s up to you to recognize the bad and good influence in your life. There’s no such thing as being a bigger person and letting people walk all over you and saying nothing cause you think somehow that makes you the nicer person. As soon as someone treats you horrible call them out, right there on the spot. If you know what your doing is right and good and they are taking advantage of you in a bad way let them know.

You probably wouldn’t stand for someone taking a shit on the roof of your car so why would you say nothing to those that are taking a shit on your life?

#2 – Learn to say no. This means learning to build up your self esteem. Be honest with yourself and figure out what you think your weakness’s are so you can improve on them. Hit the gym, start eating a bit healthier, find clothes that make you feel good and fit well. Little things one by one can make big improvements in the long run to where you can build the courage to say NO and get rid of the negative people in your life. From what I read Avicii found the light to his happiness but couldn’t say no and get rid of the toxic people around him.

#3 – Take self help gurus and people that have made it with a grain of salt. Alot of what you won’t hear is failures but only of the very few success stories. No one wants to hear alot of people make youtube videos or blogs on what they’ve learned and failed about since that is a taboo in our society. We only want to hear and take advice from winners, so that’s all your going to hear. But life is filled with all types of being in right places, right time, knowing the right people and it can just as well be as good as talent and hard work. I’ve seen people filled with talent make it no where and people with barely any talent make it rich.
Don’t believe me? Just look at hollywood and music and I’m sure in just that category alone you can see exactly what I mean.

#4 – The saying of “Always stay positive!” . It’s unnatural and is just as bad as never expressing yourself. This whole lifestyle of trying to show everyone how nice, woke, or super spiritual you are is just bullshit. Everyone has their good side and bad side. Do you really think it’s healthy to keep anything that’s bothering you swept away and not being able to talk to anyone about your problems or what negativity is inside of you?

#5 – Seek help. People always seem to be amazed when famous people take their lives or how they can be so irresponsible with drugs or other forms of medication and alcohol(which yes is a HORRIBLE DRUG!). I see the same thing , but they had it all! No, they didn’t, everyone has different issues but if I had generalize it the one thing alot of them were missing were happiness. No amount of money, fame, sex, drugs can get you your happiness if you don’t even know where to even start. Unlike other types of drugs or med’s psychedelics can teach you some profound stuff, but it is up to YOU to apply it. Psychedelics are worthless in trying to help get your life in track if you can’t put in practice what you learn.

The quicker you can be honest with yourself on what you need to improve and want in life hopefully the better off you can be to living brighter days. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve known some people, sometimes you need to graduate from certain friends if they are no longer your friends but abusive and using you.

I hope in some way this helps some of you out.

-Joey D.